Jessica is the wife of a bestselling author. She is a graphic designer, coffee aficionado, wine connoisseur, and mother of three wonderful children. She also recently published the first two books of a six book series.

Her book covers have won numerous awards and she has designed them for big five publishers, USA Today and NYT best-selling authors, as well as many successful independent authors.

Jessica is best known for her custom coloring book designs. Currently she has had 20 coloring books published, including many for well-known NYT, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors.

When she isn’t designing a book cover, making some sort of graphic, or developing a website, you can generally find her shopping or at a book signing with her husband.

For more information about Jessica, or if you are a publisher interested in using her design services as a freelancer, please contact her at creativebookconcepts@gmail.com.